Tuesday, January 17, 2012

cgfeedback.com contest

here's a wip of a zbrush sculpt for a contest at cgfeedback.com.  hopefully people can tell who he is.  it'll probably be more obvious if i make him smile.

and here is my final entry.  perfect time for my webhosting to die, hopefully i can link a blogspot image

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drunk Guy Sculpt

i was sculpting this guy from a sketch i did and he really started looking like a drunk, so i gave him a beer bottle and did some quick drunken poses in zbrush.

Monday, January 2, 2012

zbrush dynamesh test.

this was a test i did to try out the new dynamesh feature in zbrush, its kind of old now, but i'm working on something similar to this that i'll be posting soon.

Belated Merry Christmas or Scary Krampus

here's a christmas card i drew in pen and ink and then colored in photoshop.  you can either wish someone a merry christmas if they're good, or a scary krampus if they're bad.  info about krampus here

Vigil Nights Art Show

Vigil Games sponsored an art show in downtown Austin at The Art Department (TAD).  I did a digital painting in Photoshop and Painttool SAI, and had it printed on canvas.  It was sort of inspired from scooby doo, or horror movies where there is a painting with the eyes cut out and someone is watching you from behind it.  I bought some fake eyes and created a mechanism using RC car parts and an Arduino Uno microcontroller to make the eyes look around.  the last pic is an animated gif showing it move (it looks better in real life).

weeeee... my first post i think

I'll be putting all kinds of random work up here, so might as well kick it off with something stoopid.  i sketched one frame of this guy on paper and then scanned it in and made a couple more frames in photoshop.