Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hornswoggler WIP

I've done some more work on this sculpt, lots of it was boring behind the scenes stuff.  I retopologized him and uv'd him so I can do a proper texture for him.  I also have his lowest subdivision rigged in 3dsmax so  I can pose him and then export an obj, and import it on a new layer in zbrush.  the render on the right is a quick test pose I did just to make sure it works.

trying to figure out how to render him in 3dsmax using vray. its just a basic vray material, i'll try an sss material and textures next.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Even Moar Darksiders II stuff

Here are some of the last things I did for Darksiders II.  The Hunter is a character in the Demon Lord Belial DLC.  His hands and face were started from a sculpt by Brian Jones.  I didn't change his hands much, but i changed his face quite a bit.  I did the Low poly and texture of the Death DLC armor set. The highpoly was done by Jeremy Klein.  You can see it here  The face, hair and skin were done by Brian Jones.