Monday, June 10, 2013

Vermicious Knid Sculpt wip

I spent some time at a coffee shop sculpting this guy this weekend.  someone left a wacom tablet there a couple weeks ago and one of the people working there tried to give it to me, but i don't really need another one.  what kind of idiot loses a wacom tablet?  i can understand losing a pen.

this guy is looking pretty rough, but i wanted to get all  4 of the willy wonka monsters started, before i really finished one of them.  i'm also working on the oopma loompa sculpt.

edit.... didn't like the look of his face so i did a paintover of some changes i might make.

edit #2..........  after i did the paintover i thought it would be funny if he was giving the finger with the hand on his tail.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm taking part in Paul Richard's fantasy art book project called Substrata.

I'm working on a lost, old man with no memory and a big hole in his head.  I'm thinking he was a spelunker and found something underground that lead to this.  I'm just making it up as i go.  I did a sketch of him and his mount and I'm starting some zsculpts and paintovers to refine the design.  i'll also work on his weapons, his arch enemy, and some creatures hopefully.