Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wolverine Sculpt

Taking part in the polycount art jam,  topic is comic books.  working on a version of wolverine based on the comic Havoc and Wolverine Meltdown.  it was a collaboration between artists Jon Jay Muth and Kent Williams in 1988.  Kent painted wolverine and Jon painted havok.

its still very early on, and looking pretty crappy.  it will be interesting trying to get the crazy hair to look good. i plan to polypaint it too.

worked on it some more this weekend.  i think i'll keep the sculpt pretty rough with brush strokes still visible, sort of like how the paintings are.  i think i need to thin him out to match the comic better.  i've done some polypaint but its not worth showing yet.(looks like a dead guy with makeup on)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Willy Wonka monsters

here's a wip of the textures i'm doing for the hornswoggler.  he's rendered in vray using the fast sss2 material, and then some touchup work in photoshop.  I'm working on the Snozwanger sculpt which is really early on.  he's got an extra set of small legs that he only uses when he's fighting to brace himself or something.  i also started sketching oompa loompas for them to eat, but nothing worth showing.