Monday, June 10, 2013

Vermicious Knid Sculpt wip

I spent some time at a coffee shop sculpting this guy this weekend.  someone left a wacom tablet there a couple weeks ago and one of the people working there tried to give it to me, but i don't really need another one.  what kind of idiot loses a wacom tablet?  i can understand losing a pen.

this guy is looking pretty rough, but i wanted to get all  4 of the willy wonka monsters started, before i really finished one of them.  i'm also working on the oopma loompa sculpt.

edit.... didn't like the look of his face so i did a paintover of some changes i might make.

edit #2..........  after i did the paintover i thought it would be funny if he was giving the finger with the hand on his tail.


  1. Haha, getting a kind of creepy gargoyleish old man vibe from this guy. I dunno which version I like more, what you sculpted or the paintover, pretty cool either way though.

  2. thanks! hopefully the final version will look much better than both of them :)